Breakfast broccoli Bake

Perhaps you have attempted Broccoli Bake before? It is so yummy, vibrant, easy to create, and it is GOOD FOR YOU! Whether you are making it for breakfast, brunch, or lunch — that I am sure you won’t be disappointed.


1. Shopping. While shopping for broccoli, choose firm stalks, with tight florets, and crispy green leaves. Avoid yellowed or flowering florets.

2. Storing. Eat fresh broccoli after you can as it won’t keep long. If purchased refreshing, it is going to stay in the refrigerator for up to 10 days.

3. Cooking. You can steam or boil broccoli to get this recipe.

This Broccoli Bake will taste great the next day too. You might also add some extra Provolone cheese on top.

I’m very eager to hear your comments! Can’t wait for one to try this yummy breakfast, friends!

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