Scrambled egg toast

Great morning, friends! I have a special breakfast treat for you now — The Best Scrambled Egg Toast recipe! It is among the most loved methods in my loved ones and for a good reason. It’s SCRUMPTIOUS! What could be a better way to start your day than the usual tasty scrambled egg on top of crunchy, buttery toast?


There is a secret ingredient that requires scrambled eggs from good to super tasty. It’s feta cheese. Feta adds a beautiful texture and improves the flavor of scrambled eggs. Of course, you’ll want to utilize a good-quality feta cheese. Try to get to the sort that is offered in bricks, maybe not crumbles.


1. What kind of bread may be used for Egg Toast? Utilize your favorite type! White, wheat, whole grain, rye, and pumpernickel will operate in this recipe. Feeling elaborate this morning?

2. Where can good quality feta cheese be available? I recommend buying sheep’s feta cheese that is sold in bricks and stored in brine. I buy it from a local Bulgarian store, but good feta cheese can be purchased in many supermarkets and health food shops. Look around the cheese department or request a store link to assist you out

3. How can I customize this Egg Toast? Should you are feeling adventurous this afternoon, put a piece of mozzarella on the bread before adding the eggs. You may also enjoy adding some tomatoes or roasted peppers into the eggs. Oh! Along with a piece of avocado on top matches exceptionally nicely!


Scrambled Egg Toast


  • - Two slices bread I use white sourdough bread
  • - 1/2 tbsp butter plus more to butter the bread
  • - Two eggs
  • - 1/3 cup good quality feta cheese crumbles
  • - chopped parsley or dill to garnish


  • Spread a thin layer of softened butter on both sides of the bread. Fry the bread over medium heat for about 2 minutes on each side, until a golden crust forms.
  • Remove the bread from the frying pan and add 1/2 tbsp of butter. Add the eggs and feta cheese and cook, often stirring, for about 3-4 minutes, until the eggs are cooked through.
  • Divide the eggs between the bread slices, and sprinkle them with freshly chopped dill or parsley.
  • Make yourself a cup of coffee and enjoy The Best Scrambled Egg Toast.